Terna Rete Italia Leader in live line working

TERNA Rete Italia, with its organization and experience among the major European companies in live-line working, is a leading operator in an increasingly complex and technologically advanced electricity system. Live-line working, developed over decades of on-site research and experience, provides a sophisticated industrial management tool for HV and EHV electricity systems.

250 building sites opened, TRI’s development across Italy

Terna Rete Italia is daily involved in developing the National Electricity Transmission Grid facing new challenges and innovative solutions. 250 building sites were opened across Italy. Two major maxi-projects: in the North, building the new 380 kV power line that will connect the power station in Trino, Piemonte, to the one in Lacchiarella, Lombardy.


Terna Rete Italia is the company belonging to the Terna Group that deals with the national electricity grid’s operation, maintenance and development fully respecting the environment and communities. As a grid management and transmission operator, Terna Rete Italia safely manages energy flows along 72.000 km of HV lines of the Italian electricity system, ensures the continuity of the electricity supply in the country and is responsible for energy dispatching, namely for safely managing the balance between electricity supply and demand in Italy, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.